Turn $2.50 to $68,754.3 in Classic and $20 to a whopping $337,664,885 in premium plan

Let your 250 cent do the work for you in this supper easy and relaible platform design just for you.

What is CLUB250CENT


CLUB250CENT is a crowdfunding cum digital cryptocurrency investment platform designed to make network marketing a real life career. It sub-divided into the classic and the premium plans.

CLUB250CENT is designed with the aim of benefiting all its members accross the globe. It is pioneered by a group of 250 people with high level of accountability, transperency and openness. With a small entry fee of 250 CENT you're on your way to becoming $68,754.3 richer in the Classic plan and $337,664,885 richer in the Premium plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Choose CLUB250CENT

Easy Start

Entry cost is just $2.5. This will qualify you to tap from the endless list of global downlines.

Low Risk

CLUB250CENT is built on blockchain and is 100% RISK FREE and non editable.

Safe and Secure

It runs on the blockchain and its a smart contract. No one can ever edit or change the terms of the contract.

Quick and Simple Plans

CLUB250CENT has a single-line matrix (Classic plan) and a simple 2 X 2 matrix. (premium plan)

24/7 Support

We have team of commited admins on standby 24/7 who are commited to seeing you grow.

Simple withrawal

Withrawal is automatic in the classic plan and 100% peer-to-peer in the premium plan

CLUB250CENT founding partners

Founding partners

Have any Questions?

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or contributions? Drop it on any of these platforms and it will be addressed as soon as possible.