Turn $2.50 to $178,737.4 in Classic and $20 to a whopping $337,664,885 in premium plan

Let your 250 cent do the work for you in this supper easy and relaible platform design for you.

What is CLUB250CENT


CLUB250CENT is a crowdfunding cum digital cryptocurrency investment platform designed to make network marketing a real life career. It sub-divided into the classic and the premium plans.

CLUB250CENT is designed with the aim of benefiting all its members accross the globe. It is pioneered by a group of 250 people with high level of accountability, transperency and openness. With a small entry fee of 250 CENT you're on your way to becoming $178,737 richer in the Classic plan and $337,664,885 richer in the Premium plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Choose CLUB250CENT

Easy Start

Entry cost is just $2.5. This will qualify you to tap from the endless list of global downlines.

Low Risk

CLUB250CENT is built on blockchain and is 100% RISK FREE and non editable.

Safe and Secure

It runs on the blockchain and its a smart contract. No one can ever edit or change the terms of the contract.

Quick and Simple Plans

CLUB250CENT has a single-line matrix (Classic plan) and a simple 2 X 2 matrix. (premium plan)

24/7 Support

We have team of commited admins on standby 24/7 who are commited to seeing you grow.

Simple withrawal

Withrawal is automatic in the classic plan and 100% peer-to-peer in the premium plan